Süre                : 1 Saat 30 dakika
Çıkış Tarihi     : 04 Eylül 2018 Salı, Yapım Yılı : 2018
Türü                : Korku
Ülke                : ABD
Yapımcı          :  Delco-Cut Productions , Nine Ten Films
Yönetmen       : David Del Rio (IMDB)(ekşi)
Senarist          : James Andrew Oster (IMDB),Justin Xavier (IMDB)
Oyuncular      : Camille Montgomery (IMDB), Jon Paul Burkhart (IMDB), Justin Xavier (IMDB), David Gunning (IMDB), Melanie Thompson (IMDB), Morgana Shaw (IMDB)(ekşi), Katie Wallace (IMDB), Paul T. Taylor (IMDB), Levi Ashlyn (IMDB), Jena Maharramov (IMDB), Calum Sharman (IMDB), Crew Wyard (IMDB)

Sick for Toys ' Filminin Konusu :
Sick for Toys is a movie starring Camille Montgomery, Jon Paul Burkhart, and Justin Xavier. "Roy (David Gunning) is the nice guy who finishes last. Sick of his current situation, he accepts an invitation to have Christmas dinner...

  • "millenniumun son bolumu."
  • "aynı zamanda bir northern exposure bölümü."

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    brave albümünde runaway'den sonra yer alan marillion parçası... "easy, you said i was easy. this world sharpens teeth. eat your words..."

    lyrics: hogarth
    music: hogarth/kelly/mosley/rothery/trewavas

    they try to trace her in the town
    appeal for information on the local news
    someone must have missed her by now
    a mother or a father or a friendly face to talk her down
    she's heading for the great escape
    heading for the rave
    heading for the permanent holiday ...

    i. wave

    hold your breath 'till you feel it begin
    here it comes
    do you feel that?
    feel this?
    get used to it

    she had the face of the statue of liberty
    oh free me
    the fire and ice of amazon and eskimo
    take me home
    the edge and the glance of high fashion
    ask me about next year

    ii. mad

    tell me i'm mad
    how should i know
    tell me i'm mad
    i have been here for so long
    help me paint a picture
    they say it's a lie
    tell me i'm mad
    you're a fine one to decide

    burn me in the fires of wild heaven
    like it never never never would stop
    tell me i'm mad
    tell me i imagined that
    was it something i didn't say?
    or was it something i said
    leave that stuff alone
    use me instead

    i know i'm always falling off the edge of the world
    i got space in my bed
    you've got egypt in your head
    i've got a headful of troy
    chandeliers and charlemagne
    fireworks and toys

    iii. the opium den

    "hold your breath till you feel it begin
    here it comes
    get used to it"

    but you sleep like a ghost with me
    it's as simple as that
    so tell me i'm mad
    roll me up and breathe me in
    come to my madness
    my opium den
    come to my madness
    make sense of it again

    iv. the slide

    make a drug of my senses
    i'll get you out of your head
    i'm sick for you
    love wastes us together
    love holds us together
    love folds us together

    v. standing in the swing

    i don't know what you're doing here
    when there's murder on the street
    i appreciate your concern
    but don't waste your time on me
    i'm ashes on the water now
    somewhere far away
    you think you came here just in time
    but you're twenty years too late
    you won't have long to wait

    "easy, you said i was easy. this world sharpens teeth. eat your words..."

    (shapeshifter - 25 Mart 2003 22:25)

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    sham rain in çıkartmış olduğu ekim 2007 tarihli yeni albümü..10 adet süründüren şarkı barındırır bünyesinde...

    1.holding to earth
    3.ghosts i see
    4.passing shadows
    5.shallow dellusion
    6.stars will fall
    7.silent lullaby
    9.no one remembers your name
    10.goodbyes painted black

    (kronik mutsuz - 17 Kasım 2007 17:46)

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