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    ingilizce çeviriside şöyle bişii;

    heroes of the sea, noble people,
    valiant and immortal nation,
    arise today once more
    the splendour of portugal!
    from out of the mists of memory,
    oh fatherland, the voices are felt
    of your great forefathers
    that shall lead you on to victory!


    to arms, to arms
    over land, over sea!
    to arms, to arms
    to fight for the fatherland!
    against the cannons, we march, we march!

    hoist the unconquerable flag,
    in the living light of your sky!
    europe cries out to the all of the land:
    portugal has not perished
    kiss the soil jolly of yours
    the ocean, roaring of love,
    and your winning arm
    gave new worlds to the world!

    salute the sun that rises
    over a smiling future;
    let the echo of an offense
    be the sign for resurrection.
    rays of that strong dawn
    are as mother kisses,
    that keep us, sustain us,
    against the injuries of luck.

    (msc - 23 Ağustos 2006 13:12)

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