Süre                : 1 Saat 32 dakika
Çıkış Tarihi     : 15 Ocak 2019 Salı, Yapım Yılı : 2019
Türü                : Korku
Ülke                : ABD
Yapımcı          :  Highland Myst Entertainment
Yönetmen       : Jon Keeyes (IMDB)
Senarist          : Jon Keeyes (IMDB),Carl Kirshner (IMDB)
Oyuncular      : Nicholas Ball (IMDB), Claire Jared (IMDB), Carl Kirshner (IMDB), Debbie Rochon (IMDB), Johanna Stanton (IMDB), Matthew Tompkins (IMDB), Hayden Tweedie (IMDB)

Doom Room (~ Doom Box) ' Filminin Konusu :
Doom Room is a movie starring Nicholas Ball, Claire Jared, and Carl Kirshner. A woman wakes up locked in a small room with no memory of how she arrived there. Unable to escape, and tormented by a series of paranormal entities, she...

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    muazzam saint vitus şarkısı. *
    children of doom
    we are your father
    and we are like
    no other

    let me see your hands
    let me hear you scream
    because you are here
    you know what it means

    we are the children of doom
    give us some room

    like an ancient idol
    we stand before you
    but we are nothing
    nothing more than you

    you are the ones
    who keep us alive
    we can feel it from you
    see it in your eyes

    we are the secret
    soon to be known
    the more we're together
    the quicker we grow

    we are the end
    of the endless maze
    we are the light
    in the daily haze

    children of doom

    (bubez laab - 8 Aralık 2006 00:09)

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