Süre                : 24 dakika
Çıkış Tarihi     : 17 Eylül 2013 Salı, Yapım Yılı : 2013
Türü                : Komedi
Ülke                : ABD
Yapımcı          :  Fuzzy Door Productions , 20th Century Fox Television
Yönetmen       : Mark Cendrowski (IMDB), Gerry Cohen (IMDB)(ekşi), David Trainer (IMDB)(ekşi), Ted Wass (IMDB)(ekşi), Kelly Cronin (IMDB)(ekşi), Scott Ellis (IMDB), Bob Koherr (IMDB)
Senarist          : Alec Sulkin (IMDB)(ekşi),Wellesley Wild (IMDB)(ekşi),Maggie Mull (IMDB)(ekşi),Julius Sharpe (IMDB)(ekşi),John Viener (IMDB),Tom Gammill (IMDB),Max Pross (IMDB),Julie Thacker (IMDB),David A. Goodman (IMDB),Joel Hurwitz (IMDB)
Oyuncular      : Seth Green (IMDB)(ekşi), Giovanni Ribisi (IMDB)(ekşi), Brenda Song (IMDB)(ekşi), Vanessa Lachey (IMDB)(ekşi), Tonita Castro (IMDB), Peter Riegert (IMDB), Martin Mull (IMDB)(ekşi), Christopher Arminio (IMDB), Christopher Darga (IMDB), Ryan Sypek (IMDB), Stephen Saux (IMDB), Sarah Dumont (IMDB), Amanda Tudesco (IMDB), Dan Castellaneta (IMDB), Stephanie Escajeda (IMDB), Dave Foley (IMDB), Lee Garlington (IMDB), Ernie Hudson (IMDB), Krista Kalmus (IMDB), Allison Munn (IMDB), Steven Rozic (IMDB), Cooper Thornton (IMDB), John Viener (IMDB), Ray Abruzzo (IMDB), Adam Lustick (IMDB), Jamie-Lynn Sigler (IMDB), Maria Thayer (IMDB), Sarah Baldwin (IMDB), Anthony Holiday (IMDB), Desi Lydic (IMDB), John C. Moskoff (IMDB), Ho-Kwan Tse (IMDB), Lauren Weedman (IMDB), Harrison White (IMDB), Bruno Amato (IMDB), Michelle Bernard (IMDB), Dominic Burgess (IMDB), Tony Cavalero (IMDB), Joshua Erenberg (IMDB), Jack Plotnick (IMDB) >>devamı>>

Dads (~ Így neveld a faterod) ' Dizisinin Konusu :
Dads is a TV series starring Seth Green, Giovanni Ribisi, and Brenda Song. Two successful guys in their 30's have their lives turned upside down when their nightmare dads unexpectedly move in with them.

  • "hailie bu sarkıda oyle bir ''my dad's gone crazy'' der ki (crazy yi ''kreeeeyze'' seklinde uzatarak) insan kendini ''ay canım nası sirin soylemis'' demekten alamaz."

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    the eminem show un 19.parcası. hailie'nin ne kadar şirin bi sesi olduğunu gösteren şarkı ayrıca. aha buyrun sözleri:

    hailie: daddy what are you doing?
    eminem and hailie: okay then! everybody listen up!

    eminem: i'm goin' to hell! who's comin' with me???!?

    hailie: somebody please help him! i think my dad's gone crazy...

    verse 1
    there's no mountain i can't climb, there's no tower too high, no plane that i can't learn how to fly/what do i gotta do to get through to you, to show you there ain't nothin' i can't take this chainsaw to?/fuckin' brains, brawn and brass balls, i cut'em off, and got'em pickled and bronzed in a glass jar inside of a hall/ with my framed autographed sunglasses with elton john's name on my glaad wall, i'm out the closet, i've been lyin' my ass off/all this time me and dre been fuckin' with hats off (suck it, marshall). so tell laura and her husband to back off/ before i push this muthafuckin' button and blast off and launch one at these russians and that's all/blow every fuckin' thing except afghanistan on the map off. when will it stop? when will i knock the crap off?/hailie, tell 'em baby,( my dad's lost it!!)

    there's really nothin' else to say, i... i can't explain it/i think my dad's gone crazy / a little help from hailie jade, won't you tell 'em baby/i think my dad's gone crazy / there's nothin' you could do or say that could ever change me/i think my dad's gone crazy/there's no one on earth that can save me, not even hailie/i think my dad's gone crazy

    verse 2
    it's like my mother always told me, rana rana rana rana rana rana rana rana rana rana and codeine and/ goddammit you little muthafucker if you ain't got nuthin' nice to say then don't say nuthin'/…..uh, fuck that shit bitch eat a muthafuckin' dick, chew on a prick and lick/a million muthafuckin' cocks per second, i'd rather put out a muthafuckin' gospel record/i'd rather be a pussy whipped bitch, eat pussy, and have pussy lips glued to my face with a clit ring in my nose then quit bringin' my flows/ quit givin' me my ammo. can't you see why i'm so mean? if y'all leave me alone this wouldn't be my m.o./i wouldn't have to go, eenee, meenee, meini, mo, catch a homo by his toe, man i don't know no more/am i the only fuckin' one who's normal any more?/dad...


    verse 3
    my songs can make you cry, take you by surprise at the same time, can make you dry your eyes with the same rhyme/see what you're seein' is a genius at work, which to me isn't work, so it's easy to misinterpret it at first/cus when i speak, it's tongue-in-cheek, i'd yank my fuckin' teeth before i'd ever bite my tongue/i'd slice my gums, get struck by fuckin' lightning twice at once and die and come back as vanilla ice's son/and walk around the rest of my life spit on, and kicked and hit with shit everytime i sung/like r. kelly as soon as "bump and grind" comes on. more pain inside of my brain than the eyes of a little girl/ inside of a plane aimed at the world trade, standin' on ronnie's grave, screamin' at the sky, till clouds gather, it's clyde mathers and bonnie jade/and that's pretty much the gist of it, the parents are pissed but the kids love it. 9 millimeter heater stashed in 2 seaters with meat cleavers/i don't blame you, i wouldn't let hailie listen to me neither...


    ha ha ha
    you're funny daddy!

    (maniaque - 4 Temmuz 2002 20:19)

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    hailie bu sarkıda oyle bir ''my dad's gone crazy'' der ki (crazy yi ''kreeeeyze'' seklinde uzatarak) insan kendini ''ay canım nası sirin soylemis'' demekten alamaz.

    (rvnmakaay - 15 Haziran 2004 01:28)

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